5 Educational Podcast Episodes that Empower Leaders to Soar

Celesté Polley
5 min readNov 13, 2023
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As a leader living in a highly stressful world, it’s crucial to stay grounded and reconnect with yourself. To honour your feelings and find ways that can empower you to deal with life’s challenges. The pressures of the world are harder than ever before. But there are ways to invite calm and overcome the hardship of being a leader.

I constantly seek inspiration and motivation to keep going at a steady pace. Here are 5 educational podcast episodes that inspired me. Hope they inspire you too.

These episodes, I believe, empower leaders to:

  • break free from limiting beliefs
  • develop an authentic brand
  • improve productivity
  • set and honour boundaries
  • become a master of your time
  • kick perfectionism’s butt
  • explore failure in a new light

WARNING: If you don’t like swear words, exit the page now.

1. The Marketing Minute Podcast: Imposter Syndrome is a Scam

In this episode entrepreneur, marketer, storyteller, and host of The Marketing Minute Podcast, Dellea Copeland talks about the layers of Imposter Syndrome — how you can break free from your limiting beliefs to soar on your journey. The term ‘Imposter Syndrome’ is thrown about and ingrained in people to the point that its very existence is the thing that holds us back. Ha! Ever thought about that? Dellea’s strategies empower leaders to understand that the only thing holding you back is YOU and to dig deeper into why you feel you’re not good enough.

In fact, the power of these words helped me silence my own limiting beliefs and finally shift my mindset.

It all comes down to whether or not you’re willing to leave your comfort zone. If you can show up as you are and not what you think is expected of you, that’s when the breakthrough happens. I called BS on Imposter Syndrome after listening to this episode. Join me.

Tune in below to free yourself from your limiting beliefs.

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2. The Game Changers Podcast: Developing an Authentic Content Strategy

The Game Changers Podcast host Erin May Henry and Dellea Copeland chat about pressure, insecurities, being authentic, having control over your content, and great strategies to build a genuine brand.

This episode spoke to me on so many levels.

As someone who suppressed my authenticity to fit in, this talk helped me realise I needed a new circle. The gist of it? To show up fully in your business if you want to see lasting results. In doing so, you might find people and clients who will accept and appreciate you for you.

Tune in below to learn about developing authentic content for your brand.

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3. The Kimberley Wenya Podcast: Manifesting Productivity, Boundaries, Time Management

If you’re looking for some tough love, this episode is for you. Kimberley Wenya is all about “blending spirituality, manifestation & wellness.” She believes that we create our own reality and that pressure is a good thing. “It’s resourceful,” she said.

In this episode, Kimberley dives deep into why you need to get uncomfortable with your inaction, and how to create and honour your boundaries. Sometimes you have to get real with yourself, you know? If you want to see massive results, you have to work hard. You have to realise where you spend your energy. That is what will grow.

She also shares effective productivity tips to empower leaders to get shit done. And it’s not about being perfect at it. It’s about creating positive feedback in your brain with small goals and using journal prompts as a tool to manifest productivity in your life.

Learn how to become a master of your time.

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4. She Thrives Radio: Perfectionism: What is it Costing You?

Mindset coach and founder of She Thrives Academy, Taylor Gage, talks about how society wears perfectionism like it’s a badge of honour — a concept I needed to address in my own jungle of denial this year. I realised the need for perfection is holding me back in everything I attempt to do. Can you relate?

In this episode, Taylor emphasizes what perfectionism really is, and WOW… does she hit the nail on its head. Much of what we want to do but don’t do is based on our deep-seated insecurities, perceived inadequacies, and need for approval. It’s time to pop the hood. To ask ourselves:

  • Why the fuck not?
  • Why am I scared?
  • What prevents me from showing up authentically?

And I love how Taylor gives perfectionism a new meaning: “It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” These are profound words that empower leaders to question internal standards and embrace imperfection. Words to carry with you whenever you feel it’s not the perfect time, your face isn’t perfect, your grammar sucks, or when you worry about what others might think. In fact, this very statement encouraged me to stop waiting for the perfect time to do my thang. NOW is the time.

Give this one a listen if you want to kick perfectionism’s butt.

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5. Deliciously Ella: Learning to Fail

Hosted by Ella Mills and accompanied by her husband Matthew Mills, this episode delves into failure, vulnerability, comparison, and more with Elizabeth Day, award-winning journalist, author, and host of How To Fail. What resonated with me most is how Elizabeth’s journey of truth helps people relate and feel inspired to share their own darkest stories, which I believe is the stepping stone toward healing and growing, not only as a person but also as a leader. And I totally agree with her:

“The source of our human strength is to be open to vulnerability.”

In other words, if you can reframe your mindset to transform failure into an adventure, that’s when you liberate yourself.

Deep stuff, I know. I’m all about sharing stories, challenging stigma, feeling emotions deeply, and uncovering uncomfortable topics. Elizebeth’s words, “life is texture” stands out to me. To fail is to be human. But most importantly, fail quickly, learn from it, let go, and move on.

Tune in below to explore failure in a new light.

WARNING: Highly emotional and vivid, yet beautiful story about losing a mother to cancer. I bawled.

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Deliciously Ella is one of my favourite wellness resources. It helps people “live better and make vegetables cool.” They have evolved from a personal blog, into a user-friendly app, a collection of recipe books, a range of plant-based food products, and the one-and-only Deliciously Ella podcast.

Check out this article I wrote about my journey towards a plant-based lifestyle.

Last Words

That’s it — the 5 educational podcast episodes that can help leaders rise to the top. Please share with me if anything resonates with you. Even if you feel it might be insignificant, I’d love to read your story. Comment below.

“We are all here to just explore, create, experience, & expand to embody all that we are.” – Ameya, Artist & Entrepreneur



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