It’s OK To Make Mistakes

In a world where perfection is adorned, we often feel inadequate when we make mistakes.

Photo by Celesté Polley

Perfection doesn’t exist

I know this because I proudly called myself a perfectionist. Holy crap was I in a deep dark hole of denial.

Make room for mistakes

I was mocked for making a silly typo on LinkedIn (how dare I call myself a writer, ey?). And this got me thinking about mistakes and the process we writers undertake to deliver quality work to a client.

Behind the scenes

Before pronouncing an article complete (in no specific order and depending on the brief), we scrutinise grammar, punctuation, and our word choices. We ruthlessly cut words and sentences to avoid creating novellas posts. We make sure we articulated our ideas in an active voice. We spot the apostrophe catastrophes. All the while, carefully adding SEO keywords to blend them naturally and not come across as too salesy (aka selling in a superficial manner). We spot the “grammar expletives,” as SmartBlogger calls them. We ensure variety. We transform the introduction at the end of all the edit fun to hook readers. We analyse the headline using professional tools to entice the reader to click on the “read more” button. And we neatly tie up the pieces so readers will leave satisfied. Not to even elaborate on the intricate art of storytelling to ignite a fire in the audience…

A Kangaroo Rat in action. Check it out for fun.
Graphic by Celesté Polley

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