The 8 Pillars of Holistic Wellness and Why It Matters

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1. Emotional Wellness

Navigating the sh!t storms of life can be messy at times. But a little self-awareness goes a long way.

2. Spiritual Wellness

The second pillar of wellness involves our spirituality, which wears various hats.

3. Physical Wellness

We all know that physical wellbeing is crucial for our health and happiness. Yet, we often put our health on the back burner. But once you had a little taste of the good life, your mind shifts.

  • Eat healthy meals
  • Practice personal hygiene
  • Find ways to relax
  • Get enough sleep

4. Intellectual Wellness

You might know your intellectual wellness is as important as your physical wellness. If not, it’s critical to dedicate time and energy to keep your mind healthy too.

5. Social Wellness

This is one aspect of holistic wellness many introverts struggle with the most. I’m one of them. If you are like me you will know the importance of solitude. But note that it’s crucial to foster genuine connections with people around you.

5. Occupational Wellness

Occupational wellness involves your job satisfaction.

5. Financial Wellness

Financial wellness plays a crucial role in your life as it can have a major impact on your health and performance. To put it simply, it promotes the ability to have a healthy financial life.

  • Do you have ample emergency funds for those unforeseen circumstances?
  • Is your income predictable and consistent?
  • Diminish your expenses as much as possible
  • Downsize your budget
  • Cook your meals at home
  • Skip expensive social outings
  • Shop at bargain outlets

6. Environmental Wellness

Environmental wellness encourages a harmonious life with Earth. Yes, your overall wellbeing is closely linked to the health of your environment.

  • Be aware of Earth’s limited natural resources
  • Conserve energy and water
  • Recycle, reuse, and reduce as much as possible
  • Break up with plastic
  • Minimize air, water, and earth pollution
  • Create a supportive and nurturing home and work environment
  • Ride your bike, walk, or take public transportation (if you can)
  • Volunteer with environmental organizations
  • Support brands and companies that prioritise sustainability

Final Thoughts

Each pillar of wellness plays a central role in your overall life satisfaction, which requires intention, such as unlearning harmful habits and discovering healthy habits.



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Celesté Polley

Celesté Polley


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