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Celesté Polley
Content on Mental Health, Lifestyle, Sustainability and Wellness.

I was always a people pleaser. But finally removed my own chains.

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Afraid people would have judged, belittled, or left me, I never expressed my truthful opinion. For years, I pretended to be someone else. I knew if I revealed my authentic self, they wouldn’t have approved.

Convinced that punishment would have followed, I knew they wouldn’t have understood.

As a result, I pretended to conform to their ideas. But silent resentment consumed me whole. It was still not good enough even while I conformed.

The realization struck hard.

Nobody would respect me if I continued on this familiar path.

Self-Acceptance was the Key

I learned how to rely on myself to find happiness and strength…

Tears streamed down my face before 9:30 a.m one challenging morning.

Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

Now, I consider myself a strong, self-reliant, and resilient person. Why did crying make me feel weak and powerless?

After a messy yet beautiful 5-minute howl, I sat back in my chair, feeling at ease. My analytical brain fired up, and my mind wandered. Why do humans cry? What type of tears are there? What hormones are involved? Does crying have any health benefits?

Note: If you ever invite me to your circle, I will bring the many curious questions. No jokes!

As Ruby Dee said it best:

The greatest gift is not being afraid to question.

But the most…

I won’t tell you to wake up at a specific time or promise you perfect results.

Photo by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels

We’re all different and my morning habits won’t necessarily work for you. But I can share a flow that might drizzle your days with delight.

Gulp down a glass of water

A personal observation.

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

A photography project prompted me to write about how my plant-based lifestyle shaped my life. Rest assured, this is not an attempt to try to convert you to vegetarianism. This is about my experience following the change.

Allow me to mourn first

The power of habit rings overrated in a tiresome article I wrote.

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

It highlights the importance of healthy morning habits. Drinking water on an empty stomach. Savouring your coffee. Having a healthy breakfast. Creating daily goals. Being consistent… blah de blah.

A beautifully constructed morning routine we all know can set us up for a productive day ahead. Right?

I call BS in a teacup.

The more I examined the ‘power of habit’, the more I noticed the unrealistic expectations attached with a ‘hustle’ undertone.

It would be a lie if I wrote that healthy morning habits will consistently promise you a superb day. …

In a world where perfection is adorned, we often feel inadequate when we make mistakes.

Photo by Celesté Polley

But here’s the thing. We all make mistakes.

People who pursue perfectionism runs after an unreachable idea — a race towards anxiety, depression, and countless abandoned projects. Yes, planning is essential and useful. But obsessing is neurotic and unhealthy.

Perfection doesn’t exist

I know this because I proudly called myself a perfectionist. Holy crap was I in a deep dark hole of denial.

The only goal I achieved: being a fantastic perfectionist.

Not ideal, I tell you. I feared speaking my truth. I held back my talents. I…

Sometimes you have everything under control on Monday and by Thursday you have no idea.

Photo by Jackson David from Pexels

This is how life often unfolds.

You lose a client. You battle through family disputes. A loved one leaves. The neighbour’s dog barks excessively day and night. You get unnecessary grief from the unkind store clerk. Digital overload takes a toll on your mental health while a broken appetite ruins your physical health. Your sleep quality is subpar. Your car breaks down. Your child or pet gets sick. Business challenges set you back. Distractions pull focus from your purpose. All in one week.

I feel…

Celesté Polley

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