Morning Habits To Sprinkle Your Day with Joy and Rhythm

I won’t tell you to wake up at a specific time or promise you perfect results.

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Gulp down a glass of water

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  • Eases indigestion and heartburn
  • Encourages healthy skin and hair
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Prevents bladder infection and kidney stones

What I do:

As soon as I wake up, I knock back a large glass of water and pair the ritual with my chosen supplements. I rotate between ReThink CBD Daily Oil and Echinaforce to crank my well-being up a notch.

Relish in quality coffee

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What I do:

I smack my lips over a quality medium-strength filtered cuppa joe while I drag my cold reptilian body outside to bask in the morning sun. I limit my intake to two cups per day before noon.

Find your daily bliss

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What I do:

Before or often while I wait for the buzz of my morning brew to kick in, I use Insight Timer (the #1 free meditation app) to guide me to a state of euphoria. Or I exist in complete silence for a few minutes and do my breathwork to relax my body and mind. I don’t always reach the desired calmness and that’s okay.

Count your blessings

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What I do:

During the first hour after waking up, I jot down my blessings in a dedicated gratitude journal. And try to think of something new to be thankful for every day.

Savour your breakfast

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What I do:

A breakie is like a hug for my tummy. But I like to keep it simple and I don’t pressure myself to eat when I’m not hungry. My go-to food choices range from a slightly warm banana or carrot muffin, avo on rye, fruit smoothie with flaxseed powder, rolled oats, plain yoghurt on muesli, and leftovers to whatever I can find in my fridge.

Create accomplished order

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What I do:

I turn to my accountability buddy. The one and only, Asana. Next, I add actionable goals right in there with a due date to make it official. This simple habit helps me tackle individual tasks one at a time and it even transforms my browser.

Last Word

Creating intention starts with developing mostly consistent healthy morning habits. You might agree it helps you get sh!t done. And it gives shape to your inner life. But the key is to be patient with yourself as you learn, grow and adapt to your own pace.

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